Narkanda Kudrat Camp Swiss tentBYOT(Bring your own tent)

Simla, Kudrat camp NH05, Eakantvadi, Narkanda Shimla

Narkanda Kudrat Camp specializes in adventurous activities and nature walks. Their team has many mountaineers with advanced know how. There are also nature experts, emergency responders and outdoor experts. They provide specialized handling of adventure activities, simplifying complex tasks which involve organizing camping across the landscape, leading cycling groups for mountain biking and conducting trekking expeditions.

  • Hiking
  • Off Roading
  • Wildlife


  • Attached Washrooms
  • Campfire
  • Meals On Order
  • Make Your Own Meal
  • Wifi

The Place

  • Accessbility: By Road
  • Maximum guests: 20
  • Check In / Out: 12:00 Noon/12:00 Noon
  • Parking: Yes


  • Damaging the property, wildlife, or polluting the water is absolutely forbidden.
  • Use of any illegal drugs, possession, distribution, or selling is strictly prohibited.
  • Venturing away from the described path, or to other unspecified areas is not allowed.
  • The visitor shall be fully responsible for the gear and property allotted to him/her for use during the stay. If damaged, full recovery of damaged gear shall be made during check out.
  • Check-In time is 1:00 PM & Check-Out time is 12:00 PM.
  • Bonfire, DJ Music, Live Music, Barbecues are part of different campsites. The visitor has to follow that particular campsite rules and regulations regarding these amenities.
  • As a responsible traveler, please respect mother nature. Use minimal plastic during your stay by avoiding buying plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic plates. Your avoidance shall further help in reducing plastic waste.
  • Dump all the waste in designated dust bins at the campsite. If not there, request one.
  • Local customs & traditions have to be respected and adhered to.

Cancellation Policy


Swiss tent Rs.2500 per night

BYOT(Bring-your-own-tent) Rs.1800 per night


1 Guests
1 Unit will be alloted to 2 people

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