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₹ 2200 (Per person per night)

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Bir Billing is a popular hill station, famed paragliding destination indeed. Adventure camping reaches new heights when paragliding joins it for better. Experience mesmerizing mountain views and verdant Bir Billing landscapes from above. Trekking is obviously filled with thrill here as Bir Billing is a hilly area surrounded by mountains. Walking through its trekking trails leaves one spellbound. So experience living inside a tent anchored to the beautiful meadows of Bir Billing to maximize fun, pleasure. Anytime, you find need to go trekking, you can do it as hills and mountains nearby keep indolence away.

The Space
  • Maximum Number of guests:

  • Accessbility:

    By road
  • Parking

  • Accomodation Type:

    Swiss Tent, Wooden Cabin, Tree House,
  • Check In / Out:

    12:00 PM / 12:00 PM
  • Campfire

  • Meals on order

  • Shower

  • Breakfast

  • Power Sockets

  • Toilet

  • Drinking Water

  • Pets allowed

  • Dinner

  • Swimming Pools

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The Space

You’ll find the campsite very enchanting as is Bir Billing. Its picturesque views mesmerize beholders. So that all your attention is fixed on harvesting adventure, our campsite caters to all your other needs by offering wood cabins and swiss tents. Besides that, you also get facilities like power sockets, parking space, meals, breakfast, drinking water, bathroom, etc. Its natural surroundings make sure you never run out of tranquility or peace of mind. By camping with Campsvilla, it’s made possible to interact with local communities.

Things to Do

From our campsite, you’ll be able to participate in many activities. Trekking to nearby trekking trails or hiking to the towering mountains, you can do it. The thrill of paragliding is immense, it really sets adrenaline in motion. Hire a cycle and wander through pine forests in total isolation. Fearless adventures like paragliding, truly test your grit, don’t they? Do it to enjoy a day out under blue sky with sun’s rays to accompany!

Camping Rules
The Rules

1. Damaging the property, wildlife or polluting the water is absolutely forbidden.
2. Use of any illegal drugs,possession,distribution or selling is strictly prohibited.
3. Venturing away from the described path, or to other unspecified areas is not allowed.
4. The visitor shall be fully responsible for the gear and property allotted to him/her for use during the stay. If damaged, full recovery of damaged gear shall be made during check out.
5. Check In time is 1:00 PM & Check Out time is 12:00 PM.

6. Bonfire,DJ Music,Live Music, Barbecues are part of different campsites. Visitor has to follow that particular campsite rules and regulations regarding these amenities.
7. As a responsible traveler , please respect mother nature. Use minimal plastic during your stay by avoiding buying plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic plates. Your avoidance shall further help in reducing plastic wastes.
8. Dump all the waste in designated dust bins in campsite. If not there, request for one.
9. Local customs & traditions have to be respected and adhered to.


Campsvilla Bir Billing Camp1
Campsvilla Bir Billing Camp1
Campsvilla Bir Billing Camp1
Campsvilla Bir Billing Camp1
Campsvilla Bir Billing Camp1



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