Cancellations and Refunds

All Hosts are required to mention a cancellation policy for their accommodations that will be visible and applicable to any payment made by the Guest. As a Guest, you are encouraged to fully read and understand the different cancellation policies that we and host will offer.

If an accommodation proves to not be available due to a failure by the Host (e.g., a double Booking), the Host must provide the Guest a full refund regardless of their cancellation policy.

If a Guest does not accurately represent their party in their confirmed booking (i.e., age, extra Guests, pets, children, etc.), and the Host will not allow the extra Guests or pets and /or requests the Guest to leave the accommodation, the Guest loses their right to any refund at that time.

Please note that the Guest Service Fees are non-refundable fees once the Booking is confirmed by the Host. Although a Booking may be fully refundable according to the cancellation policy, the Guest Service Fee is non-refundable.

In the event that a Guest would like to cancel their booking due to an extenuating circumstance they should not cancel the booking in their dashboard according to the cancellation policy and should instead contact